Amsterdams Cannabis Cup 2011 Raided!

When the cannabis conservatives grabbed the political wheel within the pro marijuana Netherlands this past season and then promptly closed the Cannabis coffeeshops in the southeastern part of the nation to weed vacationers, it appeared as an unfortunate setback for the marijuana tourism business.

Today however, using perfect police state logic the authorities  in Amsterdam decided to storm their way into and then raid the 24th annual H.T. Cannabis Cup event. As marijuana continues to be demonized by right wing zelots and clueless old fools in the U.S., it is still fighting the “Good” fight in NL and pushing through the process to become decriminalized within the Netherlands. Based on recent tweets received by attendees at the event … “everybody may have their cannabis buds confiscated, but nobody is going to be penalized. This was the first time the police had felt it necessary in the last 24 years at the cannabis cup to make the presence know in such a maner.

According to the Director from the Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary Society, “Officers explained they looked into yesterdays events and saw some MMJ clubs supplying weed and breaking other rules…


Update 11/24/2011 2:20 am

It’s all good in the ‘dam neighborhood. The misunderstanding was in regards to a permit application filed through the venue to host the big cannabis event. H.T.’s U.S. and Netherlander lawyers have just finished looking at all of them with law enforcement there. No participants have been arrested and participants aren’t the targets from the police presence. Information making certain that suppliers have been in compliance using the 500 gram limit underneath the Opium Law for licensed suppliers in the venue. Just one vendor continues to be recognized as potentially over the limit and only slightly.