Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Centers Newest Location: Santa Rosa CA

General Heath Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of General Cannabis, Inc. (OTCPK: CANA) anticipates managing 3 new medical cannabis clinics in February. That will increase the total under management to 14. General Health Solutions, Inc. specializes in turn-key management of medicinal cannabis clinics (MMEC) throughout California and is considering an expansion into other medicinal cannabis approved states.

Update: Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Centers is proud to announce their newest location…

1211 College Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Center (MMEC) is committed to providing patients a safe and professional medicinal cannabis evaluation in California. Medicinal cannabis has proven to be a successful alternative health treatment for many aliments and diseases. Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Centers is not only committed to providing California medicinal cannabis recommendations for qualified patients but also medicinal cannabis information and news. You can access us via twitter at  MarijuanaMDEval, or on Facebook at Marijuana-Medicine-Evaluation-Centers or go directly to their site at

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