The Medical Cannabis Acquisitions World Grows Fat After the Nov 2nd Prop 19 failure.

As the U.S. internal debate over the outright legalization of marijuana continues, fueled in no small part by California’s fruitless attempt to pass proposition 19 last month. Savvy new sector investor’s are taking increased notice in the medical marijuana market and its growing viability.

Of the small-cap, publically-traded companies catering to the unique needs of the medical marijuana world and their Collectives, URL’s, and operational support needs, the stand out company would have to be General Cannabis (OTCBB:CANA), which has begun acquiring entities within the medical marijuana field, most recently purchasing and Synergistic Resources.

Weedmaps with 50,000 + members, and over 2 million hits per month has annual expected revenue of well over 3 million dollars. As the end user understands Weedmaps is a central hub for helping medical marijuana patients find their local medical cannabis dispensaries, and rate them based on the patients experience, and quality of medication for each collective.

As the acquisitions and consolidation phase of the medical marijuana industry continues, General Cannabis is leading the way announcing on December 6th, under their management sector US Cannabis, the signing of closing documents to acquire largely all of the assets of Synergistic Resources, LLC. Synergistic Resources runs Marijuana Medical Evaluation Centers (MMEC) and specializes in the turn-key management of medicinal marijuana clinics throughout California.

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