Marijuana, Gov Shwarzenegger and Jay Leno…

Well it looks like good ‘Ol Gov. Schwarzenegger is ready to party again, now that he is almost out of office…

The soon to be departing Ca. Gov. showed up on NBC’s “Tonight Show” on Monday night for an across-the-board discussion about politics, together with a law he recently signed to diminish the state’s punishment for possession of up to an 1 oz. of cannabis. The greatest penalty is now $100, … no arrest … no criminal record — “a speeding ticket” was what he equated it to.

“No one cares if you smoke a joint or not,” he stated to host Jay Leno, while chatting about the recent election outcome in California. The observation received a few encouraging shouts from the  marijuana friendly crowd. Schwarzenegger seemed to not put much prominence on the proclamation, however it was rapidly repeated the social networks via Twitter accounts of a mixture of different news outlets. Rather, he nonchalantly went on, typical of the laid back view on the issue that most of the state holds on this topic.

However it would seem that many of his old constituents did care. Just last week, Ca. rejected a ballot initiative that would have legalized marijuana possession, and allowed for limited crop growing for those over 21 years old. It failed to pass by a  54% to 46% margin. The Goven-a-tor recognized that the marijuana law he signed may have in point of fact hurt the measure… which he said “went a little bit too far” and “was written badly” I know many growers that would agree (lol). While remaining evasive on the proposal of legalization, he left with this parting though… “Propositions don’t die because the idea is bad. It just dies because it’s written wrong.” …”Written Wrong” then lets write it correctly next time, eh?

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