Medical Cannabis Vs. Western Medicine

Marijuana Medicine has a long history of helping. Marijuana is not physically addictive despite what many anti-marijuana people want us to believe|Marijuana users can use it regularly, even multiple times daily, without any problem giving it up} A very small minority of people who use marijuana can find that they have developed a psychological addiction.| Since most people who use marijuana are not heavy chronic users statistically speaking very unlikely If you are concerned about any possibility of psychological addiction it is very easily avoided by taking time off from regular use. For instance, if you use medical Cannabis every day, you should take one day off per week or take one week off every three months.

Recently I have become more aware of the cannabis plant restrictions of my home state of Oregon. Here a Medical patient can have up to 8 adult (over 1 foot or in flower.) and 16 young or seedling plants under 12 inches. For most experience growers this makes it just a little harder and sets back a cycled crop by at lease two weeks; or you have to maximize your crop by physical manipulation or super cropping, both of which I will cover in this report. For the new patient who may have never even grew ivy let alone medical grade cannabis I decided to write this, to maybe ease the shock and transition to the cultivators' life style. I will keep information about my illness and use to a very minimum, as this is a guide to help not bore. I have a couple of physical issue all stemming from one injury, pharmaceutical medication, a wide range of procedures and treatments have all left me worst for the ware. Cannabis has been the one constant positive that keeps me feeling normal, please don't use this information for illegal or unsanctioned use or cultivation of any cannabis by-product, this is for legal medical marijuana patients in Oregon, thank you.

Physical manipulation

Physical manipulation of a plant is the act of encouraging a plant to grow in a particular manor to optimize over all growth. The easiest way to achieve this is with string, stakes, weights or other inventive ways, that will not effect the growth of your plant if done correctly one can increase your total yield by about 20% – 25%, and as we all know more is better when it comes to cannabis. I found that with such a limited amount to flower at once I have room to spread these plants out and optimize the space. I first hang string from the top of the grow space or even in some cases right from the light fixture, I then tie a small fishing weight or washer to the end and allow it to hang about 6 inches from the top of the planter. I then carefully bend the main stalk over towards the hanging string; I then wrap the string one time around the bending stalk. The tension from the weight and string give near perfect resistance allowing the stalk to remain in this bent position and as the plant continues to grow vigorously it is not inhibited by strong resistance from anchored ties. This is not so for every situation, move slowly and calculate every move, many tragedies happen in haste or inadequate knowledge. Another technique is to use nets or horizontal strings to thread the branches on the main stalk, through.

Super Cropping

Super cropping is the technique of bending the main stalk or lower branches by rolling your index and thumb back and forth around the middle of the inter nodes; slightly breaking the internal fibers of the plant, causing it to lean over and hang downward. This can be very stressful on the plant and recovery could take from one to two days up to a week, or worst yet if you are too forceful you could kill that branch. But if done well this will increase your yield much like the physical manipulation. This is great for out door or very large plants, start this super cropping at an early point and continue to bend any branch that rises above the first bend. From time to time you might need a stake and ties to hold your plant in position.

As you can see the object is to allow the lower branches to receive more light and spread the plant out to get an even distribution of growth. I have found that this is very useful when limited to how many and where you can grow. With a little patience and care you can achieve a bountiful crop of good medical grade cannabis; these two plants each yielded about 65 grams at finish. I used a 600watt HPS, organic fertilizer, in a soil less medium, the fertilizer was a mix of fish emulsion, molasses, and seaweed. The bloom mix was a mixture of bat guano, and molasses. This gives a great balance of necessary nutrients to the roots while keeping it organic. I hope this helps the new patients achieve a great medical crop.

HR Medical Marijuana- SUPER OG KUSH by BodhiSativa Photography

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