Marijuana as Medicine

Marijuana Medicine has a long history of helping, With the recent death of Heath Ledger due to prescribed medications| more and more patients are examining their pill bottles and cannot help but be curious as to what their future holds. Doctors are so swift to write prescriptions for anti-depressants, painkillers, sleeping pills and tranquilizers. Most medical cannabis patients feel that they cannot function on the medications that they have been prescribed for pain, insomnia, depression, etc. and find that they function very well on medical marijuana.

Totowa – Five males between the ages of 17 to 19 years-old were taken into custody in connection with the pyrotechnic devices that had been found planted at their school one day before final exams started. According to police several smoke bombs were found in lockers taped together. Over 1400 students had to be evacuated due to the findings. The five boys in custody whose names have not been released as of today face charges of attempted aggravated arson, possession of weapons for an unlawful purpose, as well as attempting to cause widespread injury or damage. The five also could face burglary charges since they entered the school when unattended. If convicted, the five boys could serve up to 15 years in prison each. Three of the five have been charged as adults and posted $50,000 bail. The two minors are awaiting their parents arrival, as reported by the Associated Press.

Trenton – Amy Giordano has been missing since June 7th. Her son was abandoned, all her identification was left in her apartment, and her boyfriend who happens to be married has flown off to Italy. However, Giordano's case is not being investigated by police as a criminal investigation, instead it is filed as a missing person case. Joseph L. Bocchini Jr. the Mercer County Prosecutor tells the AP that “At this point we don't have a crime”. Giordano's landlord who found her handbag inside of her closet in her Highstown apartment told The TImes, inside of the bag was her wallet, cash, cards, ID cards, checkbook, house keys and a full pack of cigarettes. The landlord went to say “a bad sign”, regarding the cigarettes since Giordano usually had a cigarette in her hand most of the time. Highstown police as well as state police are helping in the investigation regarding the missing mother. The FBI has also been contacted, reports the Associated Press.

Linden – Edward Hamilton, 21, has plead guilty to second degree murder vehicle homicide according to the statement issued by the Union County Prosecutor's Office. Hamilton accepted a plea agreement and could face five years in prison after the death of his friend Mark Costa, 21 who had been a passenger in the car when Hamilton crashed while under the influence of cocaine, marijuana, and inhalants. Costa who was pronounced dead at the scene, was a junior at Montclair State University, he had envisioned becoming a writer, reports the Star-Ledger.

Newark – Superintendent Marion A. Bolden, has admitted to having a “homophobic moment” after blacking out a picture in the East Side High School yearbook of Andre Jackson, 18, kissing his boyfriend. Jackson who paid $150.00 for the page was issued a written apology by Bolden, who claims to regret her decision for censoring his page. The district has said that it will reissue the original version of the yearbook to any student who wanted it. The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey has condemned the censorship, stating that it has violated the state's “Law Against Discrimination”, reports the Associated Press.

Bradley Beach – Jeremiah Healy the Mayor of Jersey City has been convicted of resisting arrest and obstruction of justice after an altercation with police last year. Healy who was fined a whopping $256.00 told the municipal court that he was not drunk, nor disorderly when he tried to be a mediator between a couple at his sisters tavern. According to Healy's testimony he claimed that he had between five and seven glasses of beer when he went outside to help the couple. He then stated that he was thrown to the ground and sprayed with pepper spray by police officers. Healy also testified that he told police “I'm not resisting, I'm complying”, reported the Associated Press.

Hackensack – Edward Ates, 62, of Fort Pierce, Florida has been arrested and charged with the death of his former son in law last summer in Ramsey. Paul Duncsak, 40, who had been married to Ates daughter allegedly stalked Duncsak for over a week before his death. Ates' wife and sister have also been arrested for obstruction of justice and hindering apprehension. According to police Ates broke into Dincsak's home that is worth 1.1 million dollars and allegedly shot him as he walked through the door. Ates is being held in St. Lucie Jail pending extradition, as reported by the Associated Press.

Montclair – A man and his two daughters ages five and six were found dead just hours after their mother had dropped them off. According to police the girls were fully dressed and inside of the bathtub. Their father was found on the third floor hanging. The names have not been released until further investigation is concluded, according to the Associated Press.

New Brunswick – Melanie McGuire, 34, was arrested, charged and found guilty of shooting and dismembering her husband William McGuire in 2004. In May of 2004, three suitcases was up in Virginia with William McGuire's body parts. McGuire who is facing sentencing on July 19 faces up to 30 years in prison. In a recent interview with ABC, McGuire told Cynthia McFadden “No matter how I felt about my husband, I could not have done this to my sons”. It is rumored that William McGuire had borrowed $90,000 from a loan shark, soon after he went missing. McGuire's lawyer are moving for a new trial, reports the Associated Press.

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