Medical Marijuana Doctors Office MMEC

Hands Down the best Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Center is MMEC. MMEC provides medical marijuana cards to people who suffer from a wide variety of ailments. I was very surprised when I was informed of all of the medical conditions marijuana can treat or even alleviate.

I was also pleased to see that in addition to their world class 24/7 verification service (very important if you get pulled over, or want into a collective) and their Medical Marijuana Identification Cards all of their Board Certified Medical Marijuana Doctors are there to assist you at their 10 convenient locations located throughout Southern & Northern California. 

Wow, I can’t say enough…I was sitting smoking my evening fatty outside of my hotel room in Fremont @ the Park Hyatt Hotel…when who should come along  but Mr. Police officer.

it’s 9:30 p.m. its been a long day at work. I’m at my Hotel, which is a non-smoking hotel. I need to relax, so to be respectful I want to leave the hotel room…down to the parking lot I go…look for a dark, out-of-the-way place to burn. Got It. Fire that puppy up…Of fucking course…a police car passing by me in the parking lot of the hotel…screeches to a halt…backs up. The conversation went something like this:

Officer:”Alright who’s smoking weed”

New Medical Marijuana Card Holder: “Me”

Officer:”What do you think you’re doing out here smoking weed”

New Medical Marijuana Card Holder: “Well I have a recommendation letter from my doctor that say’s I can smoke, and I’m staying in this hotel. But its a non-smoking room and I didn’t want to be disrespectful to the hotel Soooo”

Officer: “Do you have your Rec on you?”

New Medical Marijuana Card Holder: “yep…here you go.”

Officer: “O.K. here you go…go back into the hotel room and smoke there”

New Medical Marijuana Card Holder: “Sweet”

I just saved about $150… my letter of recommendation from MMEC was $150. The ticket would have been about $300 for less than an oucence…so I saved $150. right out of the box.

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